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For the latest news about the EPA hearing into King Salmon’s applications in the Marlborough Sounds please visit the Sustain Our Sounds site through which we are coordinating the opposition in partnership with other groups who share our concerns.

Take me to the Sustain Our Sounds website>>

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Safety Brief for Protest against King Salmon’s Proposed Plan change.

We don’t foresee any risks associated with Hikoi. We will have wardens to assist with people crossing the road when they leave the Marae. Once on the opposite side of road they will be instructed to keep to the footpath which is continuous all the way to Waikawa Bay. Hikoi will end at Waikawa Foreshore where those that wish to join the protest flotilla can board launches at the Waikawa jetty or launching ramp in case of runabouts.

Please note the following regarding the Protest Flotilla: Continue reading

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Endeavour Express pick up at Waikawa for Protest Flotilla

We have just arranged for the big Endeavour Express catamaran to call at Waikawa Bay wharf at 10am on Saturday 29th September to take people off the Hikoi out to the protest at Ruakaka. This vessel can carry at least 40 people and has all the life jackets aboard, so no need to bring them, although it wouldn’t hurt to bring small children’s life jackets if you have them. Should be back at Waikawa around 1.00pm.

NO CHARGE. Vessel has been chartered by Guardians.

Forecast is for sunny day, but pay to bring warm clothes.

Contact numbers: 573 6901 / 027 540 4407

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King Salmon Protest Flotilla and Hikoi – Sat 25th September

Next Saturday 29th September a protest against NZ King Salmons expansion plans will start with a Hikoi from Waikawa Marae car park at 9.00am. The Hikoi is to provide an opportunity for Marlborough people without boats to show their opposition, only a 30 min walk around to Waikawa Bay foreshore.We encourage people to make placards or banners .

If marchers would like to join protest flotilla contact Pete Beech 5736901 and we try and arrange it.

Protest craft of all shapes and sizes are invited to muster at Ruakaka Salmon Farm at 11.00 am , bring a placard along and deliver your message to King Salmon and the Government. No missiles are to be thrown and no one is to berth along side or board farm.

Flotilla will then steam across to Kaitapeha and Rua O Moko proposed farm sites before dispersing.

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Extent of Aquaculture in the Marlborough Sounds

This map shows the current extent of Aquaculture in the Marlborough Sounds

Most people have no idea as to the real extent of aquaculture farms in Marlborough.

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King Salmon Series 4. Danny Boulton Sustain Our Sounds. Marlborough Express March 2012

Danny Boulton
Sustain Our Sounds

Rebuttal of Peter Vitasovitch Aquaculture NZ. Marlborough Express March 2012

You have to wonder when a community process (the Marlborough Sounds Plan) can border on being overturned for industrial self interest to the detriment of our marine system, residents and existing businesses.

The proposed NZ King Salmon farms fly in the face of the Rio Declaration, to which the council is a signatory, and states “polluters must internalise and not externalise (put to sea) their waste”.

Tourism has always been the mainstay of the Marlborough Sounds and brings in $215 million. Nature is what people come to enjoy  it is those values that give memorable experiences and a joy to living.

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King Salmon Series 3. Peter Vitasovitch Aquaculture NZ. Marlborough Express March 2012

Peter Vitasovich
Aquaculture NZ

Peter Vitasovich continues the four-part opinion series on the NZ King Salmon application to develop eight new salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds. He writes about the economic and nutritional value of the proposal.

In 1969 a group of fishermen towed the first mussel barge into the Marlborough Sounds and anchored it in the Kenepuru.

In the 43 years since, New Zealand aquaculture (farming of greenshell mussels, King Salmon and Pacific oysters) has become a significant, sustainable primary industry employing more than 3000 Kiwis and generating more than $400 million of revenue in 2011.

Read the Sustain Our Sounds response here

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King Salmon Series 2. Peter Beech Guardians of the Sounds. Marlborough Express March 2012

Peter Beech
Guardians of the Sounds

Wake up, Marlborough. The Pelorus already has 800-plus licensed mussel and salmon farms. The permitted zones are full.

They have filled in all the gaps and are now applying to “double park” farms one outside the other.

If there are markets, and legislation allows, industry will grow to meet this demand.

This is what King Salmon’s private plan change is about  to change our district plan to allow  the company  to apply for farms in prohibited areas.

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King Salmon Series 1. Grant Rosewarne NZ King Salmon. Marlborough Express March 2012

Grant Rosewarne
NZ King Salmon

Marlborough has so much going for it wonderful surroundings, superb wines and increasingly is recognised for its outstanding seafood.

At New Zealand King Salmon, we believe we have much to contribute to promote the region and support economic growth.

We have been a responsible member of the Marlborough community for a quarter of a century. We operate an environmentally sustainable business, generating employment for 440 New Zealanders and earning upwards of $60 million a year in export revenues.

Read the Guardians of the Sounds Response here

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Marlborough Sounds Environmental Coalition Formed

Pete and the Guardians of the Sounds realised that King Salmon’s application to extend their business, was too great an issue for them to handle on their own.

A meeting of local Environmental Groups was called in December 2011.
There now exists an incorporated society, “Sustain Our Sounds” (S.O.S) whose purpose is to protect and nurture the Sounds Area land and sea for future generations.

The Guardians are an associated member of S.O.S, and will be putting in submissions against any proposed use of the Sounds, detrimental to their sustained viability. It is time the politicians respected the science!

Learn more on the Sustain Our Sounds website at

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King Salmon apply for 8 new salmon farms in Marlborough Sounds

King Salmon have lodged 2 applications with E.P.A (Environmental Protection Agency) to be heard in the 2012 New Year, by a “Board of Enquiry”, ‘for expediency’, whose members are apparently appointed by the Minister of Fisheries.

1) Applying for a Private Plan Change to the existing Marlborough District Council Sounds Plan. (If successful, it would enable King Salmon un-restricted future use of the Marlborough Sounds.)

2) Applying for Resource Consent for approximately 8 new salmon farms immediately.

It is understood that such simultaneous applications, addressing matters of potentially significant local impact, has never occurred before.

Should King Salmon proposed tactic be successful, the time to undertake due diligence ie positive and negative effects on the environment and community will be reduced from approximately 3 years to approximately 9 months.
View video here

Salmon farming in Norway, Canada, Scotland, and Chile, after destroying the seabed beneath and contributing to disease and algae blooms) that devastated their industries, now seek to establish them in our Sounds.

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