Port Marlborough, Marlborough District Council and Methyl Bromide

Methyl bromide, is a nerve gas developed during WW2 to kill people, in peace time its used as insecticide, its being used to fumigate logs in Picton, up to 3 tons at a time and just being released to atmosphere .

With the right wind conditions, Nor west, ( prevailing wind. ) it will carry over the town.

At night or on cold days the cold inversion layer will hold it around our yards, houses & schools.

This gas is a neuro toxin, that attacks your nervous system, it is known to cause cancer and even limited exposure can effect your organs.

It is tasteless colourless and odourless, they used to use an agent that smelled like rotten eggs so it could be detected, but they stopped using it ,Why ?

The log exporters say it’s a legal activity, so was DTD, and agent Orange at the time, Companies like Zindia and Genera have No social or environmental conscience, that’s why its important to have govt agencies to protect our health and safety.

This is a unique situation where the govt say that because it about our exports its of national importance to allow it to continue, and because the Council , derive revenue from the Port company they wont act.

The MDC need to show leadership, and promulgate a variation to the district plan that will require fumigations to have resource consents with stringent conditions, or identify Picton as an area unsuitable for fumigations .

This is a unique situation where an entire community has stood up and said no more, we will not stand by and let them poison our families.

Please lend us your support for a protest on Thursday the 12th February outside the Port Company offices on Auckland street, Picton between 12 noon and 1.00 pm.

Pete Beech.

Guardians of the Sounds.