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King Salmon apply for 8 new salmon farms in Marlborough Sounds

King Salmon have lodged 2 applications with E.P.A (Environmental Protection Agency) to be heard in the 2012 New Year, by a “Board of Enquiry”, ‘for expediency’, whose members are apparently appointed by the Minister of Fisheries.

1) Applying for a Private Plan Change to the existing Marlborough District Council Sounds Plan. (If successful, it would enable King Salmon un-restricted future use of the Marlborough Sounds.)

2) Applying for Resource Consent for approximately 8 new salmon farms immediately.

It is understood that such simultaneous applications, addressing matters of potentially significant local impact, has never occurred before.

Should King Salmon proposed tactic be successful, the time to undertake due diligence ie positive and negative effects on the environment and community will be reduced from approximately 3 years to approximately 9 months.
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Salmon farming in Norway, Canada, Scotland, and Chile, after destroying the seabed beneath and contributing to disease and algae blooms) that devastated their industries, now seek to establish them in our Sounds.

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Land Based Salmon Farm

Retired scientist Larry Albright raises sockeye salmon in above-ground fresh water tanks which prevents waste from entering open water systems.

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