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Peter Beech elevated to Patron of Guardians of the Sounds # New Chairman

The 2014 AGM saw the recognition of the spectacular good work that has been done by Peter and Takutai Beech. As a couple they have devoted their lives to ensuring the sounds are protected for the future and have had a long list of successes. (More to follow on this …)The committee presented Peter with two spectacular paintings and thanked him for the years of selfless effort.

Peter due to ill health has been elevated to Patron and handed over the role of Chairmanship to Paul Keating.

Being a seaman like Peter, Paul has a love of the ocean and based locally as a marine tourism operator he will strive to fill the big shoes Pete has left behind. Pauls attention will be on revitalising the Guardians focus, education, sounds Patrol, research and getting new junior members to join.

This month the committee will meet again out in the sounds to discuss the exciting future of the guardians with an update to follow.

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King Salmon apply for 8 new salmon farms in Marlborough Sounds

King Salmon have lodged 2 applications with E.P.A (Environmental Protection Agency) to be heard in the 2012 New Year, by a “Board of Enquiry”, ‘for expediency’, whose members are apparently appointed by the Minister of Fisheries.

1) Applying for a Private Plan Change to the existing Marlborough District Council Sounds Plan. (If successful, it would enable King Salmon un-restricted future use of the Marlborough Sounds.)

2) Applying for Resource Consent for approximately 8 new salmon farms immediately.

It is understood that such simultaneous applications, addressing matters of potentially significant local impact, has never occurred before.

Should King Salmon proposed tactic be successful, the time to undertake due diligence ie positive and negative effects on the environment and community will be reduced from approximately 3 years to approximately 9 months.
View video here

Salmon farming in Norway, Canada, Scotland, and Chile, after destroying the seabed beneath and contributing to disease and algae blooms) that devastated their industries, now seek to establish them in our Sounds.

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Submission: Mooring Management Bylaw

The Guardians have been looking at this bylaw and trying to find positive aspects to it that would benefit mooring owners and recreational users.

Unfortunately we can’t find any benefits, only negative impacts, this bylaw is quiet clearly a way to legitimize the Port Companies desire to clear all the moored vessels that presently occupy water space that they desire , against the wishes of the community and Te Atiawa, to allow them to expand their marina by 4 football fields out into Waikawa Bay.

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Annual Chairmans Report

Kia Ora everyone,
Well its that time again, another 12 months of campaigning behind us, so whats to report;
Well the issue that has dominated our energies for the last 12 months has been the Methyl bromide fumigations at Port Shakespear. Every fumigation releases up to 5 tons of a deadly toxin into the atmosphere with no controls , and limited conditions Methyl Bromide is a neurotoxin that you can not see, taste or smell and culminates in your system.

You and I need to have a resource consent to light a bonfire, because of the smoke, Marlborough District Council are going to ban log fires because they pollute the atmosphere , yet they wont insist on Genera the fumigators or Port Marlborough  having to have a resource consent for this potentially lethal activity.

This is because of their vested interests , Marlborough District Council are the 3rd biggest forest owners in Marlborough, and they own 100% of the shares in Port Marlborough.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age that a district council could put their vested interests ahead of the health and safety of our port workers and the entire Picton community.

Because of the campaigning done by the Guardians, Soil and health and the Green Party. Erma the govt agency vested with the task of overseeing the use of toxic substances has initiated a reassessment of the use of Methyl Bormide.

Their initial recommendation was to do nothing for 10 yrs, it was a decision reached after weighing up the benefits that M/B has to the national economy opposed to the negative impact that it has on health and safety and the environment.

Their latest recommendation after reading all the submissions is virtually unchanged, although they say that that could change if new information comes to light following the hearing of verbal submissions that we will be making this coming Wed, but Don’t Hold your Breath. !

The reality is that Erma aren’t going to do anything , so the sooner this reassessment is completed the better and we can put pressure on the Marlborough District Council to put  use the tools in their tool box to make it a consented activity and put a robust air plan in place .

Remember that it is election year so you need to be mindful of which Councilors have been supportive throughout this campaign.

I’d like to thank all the people who took part in the two protest rallies held in the past year, it takes a huge amount of energy to organize a rally , on the 17th of Sept we held a large rally on the Picton Foreshore, Tony Coia then gave us a subsidized price to run his big bus through to Blenheim , ( for the first time in the history of our province, the people of Picton marched on Blenheim.

We then stacked the public gallery of the MDC committee room , and it nearly turned into a riot when the Mayor said that we were just a noisy minority who didn’t represent the Picton community, however sanity prevailed, but it was very disappointing to witnesses our two Picton concillors vote against  us !

Another rally was held on the 23rd of April , again a wonderful turnout, this time supported by the combined trade unions, we got a letter back from Sue Kedgley thanking the Guardians for organizing the rally , she said that of the  rallies held in CHCH, Picton Wellington and Tauranga , the Picton rally was by far the biggest and the most effective .

Other issues that we have been involved in:
Back in Feb Guardians along with mooring owners, iwi and Stephan Browning were influential in preventing Port Marlborough from obtaining a resource consent to obtain a licence for control of the seabed of Shakespear Bay.
If granted this would of given them the virtual ownership in perpetuity, ( privatization of the Seabed.) The application was declined in its entirety and has set an important precedent. In regards to privatization of the Seabed of the Queen Charlotte Sounds.

We have attended the  Govt road show over the Foreshore and Seabed Act and sent in our submission.
We have been involved in the Picton advisory group, but have resigned from this until such time as they restructure , as it is, it is nothing but a talk fest that the Marlborough District Council set the agendas, they provide the facilitator, they audit the minutes, the members representing stakeholders don’t have a mandate to vote on an issue  as the representative of their organizations, so no votes can be taken and no resolutions reached.

It is just another example of the Marlborough District Council manipulating our community with a seen to be done consultation exercise , but as an entity they have no teeth.

We put them to the test and after about 3 months finally got the majority of the members to vote to get the Marlborough District Council to put an airplan in place to stop the release of Methyl Bromide over Picton.
A letter to that effect was sent to the Mayor,  before the Sept rally and subsequent council meeting to discuss the issue.
The Mayor said he never received the letter and both the councilors voted against us.!

So that was re enforced our suspicions that this group is a waste of time.

I have been attending the
Marlborough District Council focus group  meetings to do with the marine side of the rewrite of the Regional policy statement , this has been a battle but we have been able to influence this process to a degree.

As I told you this time last yr, I fear that our biggest challenge is ahead of us with the Govt, and their Aquaculture amendment bill that allows for the unfettered growth of aquaculture, and them ordering the Marlborough District Council to make changes to the District ( Sounds Plan ) to open the Marlborugh Sounds up for the development of aquaculture.

Before the end of the yr you will see the application by King Salmon for 5 new AMA’s ( Aquaculture Management Areas), if they only put one farm per area this will effectively double the number of Salmon Farms in the Queen Charlotte Sound in one hit.
Believe me that is just the start of the privatization of our seabed !

So the battles continue, unfortunately our bank account is nearly empty with less than $500  left, we will be sending out the membership accounts after the AGM so if you want us to keep fighting to keep the Marlborough Sounds as a recreational area and not have it taken over by the multinationals, industries and corporate entities  please give us your support.

We are happy to give freely of our time and energy but there is an associated cost and without your financial support this has to come out of our own pockets.

On a positive note the Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust that Guardians support has gone from strength to strength  in the last year, the Wilding Pine project has been remarkably successful and on 18th of May we will be holding a workshop to discuss new projects that the trust could be involved in like Pest Control, native reforestation projects, programmes to reintroduce  native birds that have been lost to the area.

Every year the sounds environment is getting more and more beautiful as the bush regenerates, but there is lots that we can do to accelerate this process.

One of the wonderful spin offs of the wilding pine project is that many of the Sounds bay communities have got actively involved  with the trust, this community  involvement is something that we want to develop more with future projects.
If any of you have questions about the trust give me a call.

Well that’s more than enough from me, Go well everyone , hope you have a warm and dry winter, Keep the Home Fires Burning ,
Pete & Takutai

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Methyl Bromide Hearing in Picton with ERMA

Notice of Hearings

The following has been received from ERMA:

The public hearing on the reassessment of Methyl Bromide has now been confirmed for Picton

19 May 2010
9.00 a.m. – 10.30 a.m.
Mercure Picton Marlborough Sounds (formerly The Yacht Club)
25 Waikawa Road

Contact for Hearing (ERMA)
Samantha Smith (04) 918 4880

This is a public meeting so if you can make it your support would be much appreciated.

Further hearings are confirmed for:

Wellington 17th May
Nelson 18th May
Tauranga 20th May
Auckland 21st May

These notices may change, please check the ERMA New Zealand website for the most up to date version.

The submissions are now available to view on the ERMA New Zealand website at
and a summary of the submissions will be circulated with the Update Paper.

A copy of the Update Paper will be circulated on or before Monday 3 May 2010.  It will automatically be sent to all parties presenting at the hearing and will be available on our website. If you are not listed as attending or are not attending a hearing and wish to receive a copy, please let me know.

In the meantime, please contact me if you have any queries regarding the hearing process.

Yours sincerely

Sam Smith


ERMA New Zealand · BP House · 20 Customhouse Quay

PO Box 131 · Wellington 6140 · New Zealand ·

Tel: +64 4 918-4880  ·  Fax: +64-4-914-0433


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Methyl Bromide Protests in New Zealand

Methyl Bromide Protests

A newly formed Coalition against the use of Methyl Bromide is holding a nationwide series of protests to oppose the use of this extremely toxic gas at New Zealand ports. Methyl Bromide is 60 times more destructive to the ozone than the chlorine from CFCs. It is also a serious health hazard and exposure to Methyl Bromide may have been the cause of the death of six port workers in Nelson.

Despite New Zealand ratifying the the Montreal Protocol which commits member countries to phasing out the use of Methyl Bromide, New Zealand’s usage has increased over the years.

The coalition is calling for the use of Methyl Bromide to be totally phased out and until that time recaptured using cost effective recapture technology, to protect the health of the workers and reduce the harm done to the ozone. Green MP Sue Kedgley and union representatives will speak at the protests.

Protest Schedule


Date: Friday April 23

Time: 12.00

Location: Shakespeare Bay Lookout

(meet at Le Café, London Quay, 10.45am for a march to Port Marlborough Offices, then you will be bused up to the look out for speeches etc)


Map –


Date: Monday April 26

Time: 12.00

Location: The footpath outside of the Bluebridge entrance

(Waterloo quay, over the road from the railway station)

Map –


Date: Wednesday April 28

Time: 12.00

Location: Corner of Totara St and Hull Rd. It is the first intersection from the wharf.

Map –

The Coalition includes the following organisations:

Soil and Health New Zealand Association

The Green Party

The Rail and Maritime Transport Union

Council of Trade Unions

The Safe Food Campaign

Guardian of the Sounds

The Pesticide Action Network

Maritime Union New Zealand

Friends of Nelsonhaven and Tasman Bay

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Guardians Submission to ERMA review of Methyl Bromide

Download printable version of this submission

History of issue in NZ

You will be aware of issue raised in Port Nelson by the widows and families of the 6 port workers who had died of Motor neuron disease, we are told that there are now up to 12 widows, and the only common denominator is the neuro toxic gas called Methyl bromide that all of these men were exposed to during their work exporting logs.

The campaigners put pressure on the Nelson district council to conduct Air Modeling which showed that concentrated plumes of Methyl bromide could travel for up to 10 kilometers.
The clean Air plan for the port zone said that they could continue to fumigate but the fumigant had to be recaptured and filtered then recycled or destroyed rather than releasing to atmosphere.

The industry knowing that the associated costs would reduce their profit margins and that the MDC had no restrictions on the use of log fumigants chose instead to fumigate their logs in Picton.
Between 3 to 5 tons are being release per fumigation.

As you can imagine the Nelson stevedores that were traveling over to work the ships shared their concerns with our local wharves, our Picton campaign started at that point.

Our workers were concerned that they were being exposed to Methyl Bromide that they could neither see, taste or smell and had been warned that the gas was cumulative.

They were expected to work while the fumigations were being carried out, and loader drivers were expected to pick up fumigated logs as soon as the covers were drawn, either the fumigators or workers were supplied with coveralls or gas masks.

On occasions the covers would rip or blow off in high wind conditions, these covers are held down by water snakes around the bottom edge, they are not tied down!
Anyone experienced with using tarpaulins knows that in swirling gusty winds over 40 knots it’s impossible to keep tarps in place. Tied or otherwise

At the last fumigations in Picton the wind strength was measured at the ferry terminal to be gusting at up to 130 knots!
Fumigations under tarps should not be allowed under any circumstances! It’s not good enough to say only fumigate under a certain wind strength because when they get behind schedule they throw caution to the wind.

The fumigators say that after the tarps are removed that the gas is undetectable within 10 metres of the stack, they also say that because its heavier than air it doesn’t rise, well its not a magic act, 5 tons of this stuff doesn’t just disappear ! It’s got to go somewhere and if it’s not discernable within 10 metres it must have gone straight up then where?

Air Modeling

Genera, MDC and the Port Company all adamantly refuse to conduct air modeling. !

Nelson Marlb Health Board

When men in Nelson working in a yard adjacent to the port were exposed to a plume of gas they had immediate blood tests that showed high levels of Methyl Bromide and OSH accepted their claims how ever, Doctor Kiddel came out with a statement that there is no evidence of any link between M/B and Motor Neuron disease.

Professor Ian Shaw vice chancellor of Canterbury University and a world leading authority on M/B
Has told us that Dr Kiddel statement is correct but is a play on words because no one world wide has done scientific research to investigate the connection but in his educated opinion he believes that there is a link.

Ask you self why has there been no research, use of M/B is used for fumigation of our nations imports and exports, The govt believe that the use of M/B is of national importance, the industry are fighting to retain the status quo that only leaves the workers and they cant afford it, so who will carry out this research in NZ?

Looking at studies done in the USA on men involved in fumigations over a 5 yr period show they have a much higher than average incidence of throat, lung heart and respiratory problems, rashes and a much higher incidence of prostrate cancer and neurological illness.

Tests done with rats are also extremely disturbing. The NMDHB obviously don’t have access to the internet!

World wide the authorities highlight the fact that M/B is the worst ozone depleting gas we have.
They all highlight this fact and refuse to acknowledge the risk to community health.
This is because if research was done and ignored by authorities those authorities would be technically liable to legal challenge.
Although we acknowledge the effects on the ozone layer we as a community are far more concerned about the cumulative effects on the health and safety of our workers and community.

NMDHB, Labour Dept, MDC and ERMA all say to us, show us the medical proof that people are dying because of exposure, we have men who have been exposed and are very sick as a result and have blood tests showing up to 30 points of M/B, safe limit is 5. Why are these blood tests not proof enough.?

A wharfie who was concerned about being exposed in an uncontrolled release when tarps ripped off went to the doctors he died soon after of heart failure, a night watchman who had to check the tarps at night died of brain tumors, fumigators that have cancer, people who are sensitized to toxic sprays that break out into a rash their teeth start tingling on the very day that fumigations are conducted. But No we don’t have scientific proof, what we have is a very frightened community.
All 4 of our local doctors have come out strongly in support of banning log fumigations with uncontrolled release to atmosphere and want to see gasses filtered and recaptured or destroyed.

A telephone call by a person, who had seen our latest protest on TV said that his brother in law was a fumigator using M/B in the holds of ships in Lyttelton 20 yrs ago, got very sick and died of motor neuron disease.
We have been told that a Samoan guy doing fumigation work on ships in Bluff also died unexpectedly.

The doctors say to us that it shouldn’t be up to the community to prove that these toxic gases are causing health problems they say it is what you call “Blame the victim”

We are not the perpetrators of this activity, if industry want to use dangerous neurotoxins the onus should be on them to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their
activity is safe and the best way to do that is to conduct scientific air modeling by an independent expert not hired by any party with a vested interest in the operation.
And if they cant prove that its 100% safe authorities need to use the precautionary approach to place a moratorium on log fumigations until council promulgates a variation to the district plan that makes log fumigations a resource consented activity with strict conditions.

We have a health board that for 3 yrs has refused to even speak with us and a Labour dept who refuses to meet with us and a council who refuses to make log fumigations a resourse consent activity and who even refuse to place any conditions on the conditions of release.

As a community we tried to get Annette Baxter from Dept of Labour to come to Picton and work with us and the Port Company to look at a code of practice that the fumigators should adhere to, wind conditions, strength , direction , temperature, cold inversion layer etc….. She refused.

Recently after a complaint about an uncontrolled release she sent a representative over to work with the port company but never consulted with us. Why is this? is it just arrogance or does the HSNO act state that Dept of Labour are not to liaise with members of the community, we have been studying this issue for 3 yrs we have local knowledge of the climatic conditions and topography . We also have historic information that is valuable when assessing this issue.

We had worked with the Port Company on a Code of Practice, the one developed by the Dept of Labour and industry is not robust enough!

The Port Companys new Code of Practise

Says no fumigation release in over 25 knots of Nor West, ( prevailing wind blowing over town. ) This is wrong ! there should be NO release at all if the wind is blowing over the town .
It does have a condition on temperature , no release if temp is under 10 degrees.

But there is no condition taking the cold inversion layer into account, and this is something that we are very concerned about because the cloud cover sits right down lower than the road around the grove track which we suspect will create a ceiling that the fumigants will stay below and the Nor west could blow it down around our houses and schools and residential areas.
Remember also that the Cook Strait ferries are located 200 metres from the boundary.
The crew of the Bluebridge ferries have laid an official complaint with their company about them being exposed to risk of toxic spray drift .
The ladies at Blue Bridge have rung us complaining of head aches following fumigations and their dept is at least a mile away from the log yard.

We have purused the Genera Emergency procedure, it is not complete enough , it talks about stopping work and evacuating the area if there is an uncontrolled release of fumigant, and monitoring ( there should be NO workers in the yard while fumigation is under way.)

How ever the Emergency should state what generia staff would do if a group of men where exposed to an uncontrolled release and showing symptoms , head aches, stinging eyes, rashes, etc.
They should of worked out a procedure with the health care professionals , the NMDHB who refuse to address this issue ( WHY ?) should be involved in working out this procedure,Doctors, Ambulances, hospital, should they first be stripped and thrown in a shower ?
IF 20 men where seriously affected this procedure should be prepared in advance , because this would be a task that the local doctors surgery would not be equipped to handle.

ERMA approach seems to be to have a set of national guidelines for use of methyl bromide, after spending 3 yrs studying the fumigations and researching the issue we are strongly of the opinion that every port should have a Risk assessment and a Code of Practice that is Site Specific taking into account the topography, climate prevailing winds, cold inversion layer, proximity to other businesses or residential areas.
The local Councils all need to have a clean air Plan that addresses the issue of Spray Drift, Fumigations need to be subject to Resource Consent with strict conditions, any person who is releasing toxic gas or spray into the atmosphere needs to be registered trained and properly equipped with safety clothing , coveralls, gas masks, gloves boots etc…

As for log fumigations using large amounts of neurotoxin that is soluable in water Eco toxic, and cumulative they should be made to fumigate in an air tight facility (shed NOT tarpaulins!) and have to recapture, filter, recycle or destroy.

The industry says that the technology isn’t available to recapture on this big a scale, we have spoken with the biggest engineering firm in Blenheim and they say that it is possible and that the technology is basic.


Because Port Shakespeare is located in an excavated cut between two adjoining bays it creates a wind tunnel, and the prevailing Nor west winds blow over the town of Picton that lays only a couple of hundred meters south East of the log yard.
Over the years we have witnessed coal dust , Lucerne dust and ordinary dust being blown over our homes and settling on roofs 2/3 miles away from the port.
Recently when the Port Company were preparing the log yard for tar sealing large clouds of dust were observed sweeping right over the town and up both the elevation and Essons Valley both of which act like natural funnels creating a natural draft.

Methyl Bromide may be heavier than air but it’s not as heavy as coal or Lucerne dust and we know how far that travels.

We also have a phenomenon called a cold air inversion layer that occurs all year round resulting in a layer of cloud that sweeps clouds across the Sound and hangs directly above Shakespeare bay only a couple of hundred feet above the ground, the Nor west wind then blows these clouds down around our houses, (we have photos if you would like.)
Eco Toxic

When first used here the M/B had a stenching agent called chloropicrin, not only did it stink like rotten eggs but was highly toxic as well, having been used during WW1 with the old Mustard gas.
The whole foreshore and adjacent wharf area started to stink like raw sewerage, but no sign of sewerage, people living on boats at the ferry terminal were convinced that it was M/B from log fumigations which is water soluable had found its way into the water and that the smell was coming from the Chloropicrin.
They stopped using the stenching agent, now we have no idea if we are exposed or not, we suspect that it’s still finding its way into our moana and effecting our fish and kaimoana

Careful What You Wish For

We are conscious of the fact that your reassessment has very narrow terms of reference and what deeply concerns us is that the MDC have totally ignored our community protests and have said they will wait until your reassessment process is complete before they consider promulgating a clean air plan for Marlborough.
This will take up to 2 yrs and at the end of that period the industry will just switch to phosphine and none of the conditions that you propose in the reassessment of M/B will apply!
So please consider very carefully a recommendation that every region that has an export port and is fumigating logs must have a robust air plan that demands recapture , filtering recycling or destruction of fumigant regardless what gas they use , remember if a toxin kills bugs it will be just as deadly to people.

The Clean air Plan must also require the activity to have resourse consent with strict conditions.
Don’t take it as a given that district or regional councils already have adequate district plans because most like the MDC will have vested interests that have prevented them from preparing such a plan.

IS the HSNO ACT a Myth here in Marlborough?

We are very disappointed with the HSNO Act, the MDC say that they are not responsible for administering the act, they say that its not written into their district plan , they don’t do monitoring or compliance of the act.
That is the responsibility of the Dept of Labour and the nearest branch is 2 hrs away in Nelson. There are 2 mountian ranges in between and it took 3 yrs to get them to come over and evaluate the fumigation issues, This system is dysfunctional and your review needs to address this issue !
One of your recommendations could be that the HSNO ACT is written into the Marlb district Plan and staff are suitably trained in the HSNO Act and deputized by the Dept of Labour to carry out their duties here in Marlb. Or Dept of Labour should have staff here in Marlborough.
MDC staff used to carry out those duties under the old Dangerous Goods Act.
Vested Interests

The MDC are the 3rd largest forestry owners in Marlb, they also own the Port Company 100% so is getting 2 bites of the cherry and it is very much in their commercial interests to maintain the status quo! No resourse consent and No conditions on uncontrolled release.


If log Fumigations are carried out in the open air under tarps, then air temperature is a critical factor.
I have been contacted by a log exporter who has major issues with Genera, due to two issues one fumigating when the temp is to cold, process doesn’t work effectively if temp drops below 10 degrees.
This year we had an early winter with night time temperatures dropping below zero as early as Easter, a number of shipments in April May and June would have been fumigated in sub zero condition, these fumigations would have been only partially effective. This wouldn’t happen if fumigations were carried out in an air tight facility.

The other issue is that when they are running late behind schedule, they have loaded unfumigated stacks. (this has been verified by wharfies.)
This exporter had a shipment of logs rejected at their destination port because they hadn’t fumigated properly and cost this company over a million dollars.
He said that he has found new markets in china, shipped in containers, where they fumigate at port of arrival and it’s done in enormous sheds, just open all the doors and flood the shed.

He would like MAF to change their policy about having to fumigate before they leave , he said its faster and much cheaper to fumigate at port of arrival .
These are his suggestions.

1. Preinspection certificate to be done in NZ Maf inspects the logs at port for excess dirt, mould, fungi etc.
2. Fumigation certificate to raised  from  India or China, and complies with our standard.
3. Photosanitry cert to be raised from the preinspection cert and the fumigation cert to form the photosanitry cert so the importing country accepts the product free of pests and diseases.

Leon Wood

Ozone Depletion

Although our primary concern are the health effects and impact on our marine environment Erma surely cannot ignore the fact that M/B is one of the worst know ozone depleting gases, I’ve heard it said that its worse than the CFC’s that used to be used for refrigeration., that was banned because of its effect on the ozone.
M/B is used in such massive amounts 5 tons being released at a time, Recapture should be made mandatory for this reason alone.


Well kia ora guys, thank you for your efforts, wish you well with your mahi; please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about this rambling epistle Noho Ora Mai,
Pete & Takutai Beech.
Guardians of the Sounds.

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Images of the Methyl Bromide Protest in Picton and Blenheim

Images kindly supplied by Peter Menzies

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Methyl Bromide Rally – Picton Needs You

Public Notice

Picton Needs You — Enough is Enough!

Are we going to allow toxic gases like Methyl Bromide to continue poisoning our workers and families ?

If not – Join our rally

Thursday 17th September
12 Noon
Picton Foreshore in front of the Memorial Steps

12.15 pm Speakers.

1.00 pm Free supporters Bus, departs for Blenheim.

2.15 pm Meet at Seymour Square .

3.00 pm Fill the public gallery MDC public meeting, the issue is to be discussed by full council

3.30 pm Bus departs Blenheim for Picton.


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“BAN METHYL BROMIDE” bumper sticker $5

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