Totara for totaranui

Welcome to the Totara for Totaranui Project

The Totara for Totaranui Project is a community lead project which aims to protect Queen Charlotte Sound / Totaranui, restore what has been damaged and enhance the environment for future generations. The project also provides education so that people understand why this work is vitally important.

The project is transformational as it brings together the stakeholders to deliver practical solutions in a coordinated approach that will benefit the people and the environment.

It builds upon Kaitiakitanga / Guardianship principles, processes, and practices of looking after the environment and recognises the importance of our native momo taonga / treasured species like the Hector’s Dolphin / T?poupou and King Shag / Kawau a toru. Both of these species are endangered and if we do nothing, they will inevitably become extinct. They need our help and we have a restoration plan to actively protect them and restore and enhance the environment.

Fundamental to this is the need to look at the entire ecosystem from the sky to the sea (Mai i te Rangi ki te Moana) since each part of the ecosystem is interconnected.