Helen Clark Supports Marlborough Sounds Biosphere

“I am very supportive of the designation of Biospheres, so feel free to say that. The proposal for Marlborough is exciting !
I’m not sure why NZ did not look at the possibility of designations. I don’t recall this ever being raised when I was Minister of Conservation in 1987/9, or when I was PM 1999/2008. We had a plan for World Heritage listing of historic heritage sites – previously NZ’s designations (National Park, Mt Cook/Westland etc) were natural heritage sites. Perhaps the Dept of Conservation focused on that level of designation, not the Biospheres, but it is a missed opportunity.
All good for putting NZ on the map and for encouraging recognition of what is unique to our country.
Kind regards – and thanks for caring.”

Current UNDP Administrator, Helen Clark – August 16th 2014